Our History

1 Year Worldwide Magazine

In September 2019 Worldwide celebrated it's 1 year anniversary.

1 year Magazine

A new look.

Worldwide redesigned it's look. In March 2019 Worldwide became Worldwide Magazine. We also decided it was time for a new look. We redesigned our website and magazine.

Website launched

Our website was officially launched in January 2019.

Worldwide at RAF Cosford

Worldwide attended Flightsimshow 2018 on the 6th October 2018. We talked to the Infinite Flight team, made new friends and just had a fun time.

Instagram launched

Our Instagram launched in late Spetember 2018.


Worldwide is launched!

The first magazine was launched in Spetember 2018. It started out as being very simple. The feedback was great, people really enjoyed it, so Worldwide decided to carry on.

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